Studies have recently shown that every year, just under a whopping £180 million goes unclaimed! And some of it could be yours!

According to HMRC Legislations, if you are travelling to a site for less than two years, then you are eligible to claim back travel expenses from travelling from home to that site and back. So, if you’re using your own vehicle to get to and from work, then you could be entitled to some of this money. All you need is to be on the company books.

Even if you’re no longer driving your own vehicle to work, but did in the past, there is still a possibility that you can still claim though. You can go back as far as four years, to April 2012, and claim back on the mileage it has taken to drive from home to site. You could even be in for a lot of money as well as studies have found that the average four year claim amounts to £2,500.

That’s a lot of extra money to have in the bank. It could be useful for any rainy days or hard times that could possibly lie ahed. Or, you could splash out on a bit of luxury and invest in a holiday for you and the missus. A bit of extra quality time together.

Or, you could keep it in the bank. Breaking it down, over the years, £2,500 could buy  you eight hundred and six pints down the pub. Or, 277 full english breakfasts down the local cafe. Both essential items of course.

Understandably though, working in the construction industry means that a lot of you are probably too busy to go back through four years worth of mileage. Therefore, we asked Construction Reclaims for their advice and how they could help.

Construction Reclaims are a small, family run business. They discovered the legislation that allows construction workers to reclaim a tax refund on their travel expenses. Therefore, they have become specialists in the field and can help you make a claim. To date, Construction Reclaims have been able to claim back over £4 million for construction workers across the country.

They can go back through it all for you and establish whether you have a claim. Then, before you know it, you could have some extra money in the bank to spend on the house, your family or a treat for yourself.

One happy customer described their experience with Construction Reclaims. They stated that they handled the case “diligently and professionally.”

They also marvelled that after nine weeks, they were able to check their bank account and find an extra £3106.33 in there! That’s even more pints, a whopping 1,002 to be exact! That’s definitely more than a few good nights out right there.

But what do you think? Do you think you could make a claim? Well, head over to www.constructionreclaims.co.uk/employed-tax-refund/ now to check your eligibility. There could be a lot of full english breakfasts in there for you!