What Does 2015 Hold For The Construction Industry?
This report claims to have the answers…

There looks to be good times ahead in 2015 for the UK construction industry according to a recent report. The reports authors ‘Quantic UK’ claim that due to a number of large-scale developments starting this year the steady growth of the sector will continue.

The report goes on to say that the biggest threat to this growth is actually a potential skills shortage which could see projects delayed through a limited workforce.

The skills gap seems to be at its widest in London and the South East where it is estimated that and training provision increase in excess of 50% is required to meet the industry demands over the coming years.

The biggest areas of expansion this year will be in energy and transport projects alongside housing developments. With the West Midlands potentially seeing the biggest growth this year.

Elsewhere, and adding further weight to this report construction analyst Glenigan are also forecasting a positive year ahead with a 7.3% rise in project starts anticipated in 2015.

All this looks good in theory, but how is 2015 shaping up for you?