The police force for the Republic of Ireland has recently found stolen equipment worth more than €50,000. These tools were stolen from the UK and were transported to Ireland with the intention of being sold on the black market.

Within the batch of stolen goods, there was predominantly gardening and also industrial power tools. They were found as part of ‘Operation Thor’, which targets burglary and theft in the Southern regions of Ireland.

At 7:30pm on Saturday evening, two goods vehicles were stopped by the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau and the Special Crim Task Force at the Dublin port. These vehicles, one of which was also stolen, were searched by the authorities and a variety of stolen goods, worth upward of €50,000, were found.

The two Irish men driving the vehicles were consequently arrested by authorities. Aged twenty-nine and thirty-eight, they faced the courts this morning and were also charged with the handling of stolen property.

The police force stated: “investigations are on going in conjunction with the UK authorities to identify all the owners of the property seized, which was destined for the Irish black market.”

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Commenters responded to this news stating: “good to see a recovery like that, hope all the guys who lost a days work plus gets reunited with their gear.”

Another user commented describing that, “the people who buy these tools are just as guilty as the people who steal them.”

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