There’s always that one guy on site that well and truly p*sses you off. Usually, it tends to be the guy who’s obsessed with health and safety and PPE. But either way, sometimes you just need them to leave you alone and get off your back. Especially if you’re working overtime on a Saturday.

Therefore, we decided to put together some of the ways that we’ve seen construction workers get rid of those annoying ones that just won’t get off your back.

The first being a fake spider prank. An old one, but a classic. No one likes a spider flying at their face.

The second way to get someone off your back, and away from you for a while, is by hiding their keys. There’ll be spending more time looking for them than bothering you!

Or, make them one of these bad boy sandwiches. Think it’s safe to say they’ll be staying well clear after one of these.

Or, get you revenge. But remember, it’s best served out of the blue and spontaneous. This guy really gets the full effect.

And finally, if all else fails, you’ll have to fall back on f*ck off spray. However, you might need to get someone to invent it first…

So what do you think of these? How do you get rid of the annoying guy on site? Let us know in the comments below.

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