When you’re young, at times, having good health can be taken for granted. It’s just a given. Unfortunately though, at just 26 years of age, this apprentice electrician had his own mortality stare him straight in the face.

Back in 2016, Alex Hawks was working as an apprentice, training to become an electrician. Working hard to get his qualifications, it was, unfortunately, just 6 months into his job that he suffered a Widowmaker heart attack. Not thinking it was possible that he could have a heart attack at such a young age, he continued on for a whopping 2 hours before calling an ambulance!

With just a 5% chance of survival, this kind of heart attack meant that Alex’s left anterior descending artery had become completely blocked. Consequently, the heart was unable to get the oxygen it needed. But, Alex managed to beat the odds and pull through!

However, what he was then left with was the challenge of now trying to pay his bills. No longer able to work in the industry, Alex’s heart was functioning at just 38%. So, he turned to a desk job in marketing in order to get by. Unfortunately though, the stress of this job led Alex to have another cardiac episode and left his heart functioning at just 35%.

Eventually, Alex had to leave work in order to concentrate on strengthening his heart. Eight months later though, Alex suffered another Widowmaker heart attack which left his heart working at just 20%!

Now, Alex is undergoing further treatment and is having a permanent defibrillator fitted in 1 to 3 months in case his heart ever stops. Following that, the only step left is a heart transplant.

At risk of sudden cardiac death though, stress can be very damaging for Alex. And, since he no longer has a job, he doesn’t have insurance either. Living in America, Alex has already racked up $50,000 in medical bills. Not only that, but he also has no sort of income to live off either after being denied a disability allowance.

Campaigning for this to change, it could take up to 2 years before this happens.

Alex described: “Currently I’m fighting to get my food stamps back.”

“I have only the money that my family gives me.”

“I grew up working for what I needed/wanted, not being able to do so kills me.”

“But, I have no choice.”

“I went from carrying metal pipe on my shoulders to needing help putting on my shoes.”

So, if you think you can lend Alex a helping hand, check out his Go Fund Me page here. And, show your support in the comments below.

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