Initially, the Band of Builder’s were set up to support a fellow construction worker in his time of need.

This band of fifty specialists was formed by Addam Smith. He brought this group together when he discovered his friend and colleague had stage four cancer. He appealed to the public and this inspirational group completely renovated Keith’s house. This was not all though, they also launched the ‘Give Keith A Lift” campaign to raise £100,000 to buy the family their home – and peace of mind.

Overall, the group has managed to raise £50,000 through numerous fundraisers and campaigns!


However, this is not where it ends. Alongside this, a Band of Builders clothing range was also launched in July. The group was also joined by a variety of other brand kits too, supporting the campaign.

Addam stated, ‘we launched the clothing range and it’s been brilliant.”

“The demand has been great. We’ve been sending packages all over the world.”


He continued: “At the end of the project, I’m looking to make the Band of Builders an official charity so that workers in the trade can continue to help people.”

He finished, “I know we will achieve this.”

Take a look at the Band of Builders work here:

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