“I’m Batman.”

These are no longer the famous words spoken by award winning actors. But by Garry Bedford, a 47 year old dad and construction worker from Cumbria.

Over the last few weeks, a ‘killer clown’ craze has swept over the country. This has left children scared to turn the lights off at night or at times even leave their homes. However, Gary has helped to save the day by developing an ingenious strategy to help calm cildren in wake of the epidemic.

By taking on the character of Batman, he has been able to reassure children that they are safe and have nothing to fear. He has done this by teleling the children that he has already captured the clown ring leader, the Joker. Therefore, he puts their minds at rest by encouraging them to believe that he’ll be able to easily catch the rest.

Gary is not alone in his efforts though. He also runs a ‘superhero’ business made up of twelve volunteers. These individuals all work on the phones too, calming petrified children who are scared of the clowns.

He describes, “the kids are apprehensive and scared at first but at the end of the day they are very thankful.”

“We put the bat-phone up there to reassure people of the clown situation and that was really rewarding and really worked which I’m proud about.”

Gary spent a whopping £1,000 on his Batman outfit though! However, as the character, he is able to really helps kids get past their fears of the clown craze.

One mother even praised Gary and his team for their work. She describes, “my daughter is autistic – she wouldn’t sleep without the bedroom light on and wouldn’t eat her dinner as she thought there was a clown in the garden.”

This soon changed though following a call to ‘Batman’.

“She loved it and is no longer scared.”

She continued, “she ate her dinner and will go into any room now – she has even gone to bed with the bathroom light off.”

“I cannot thank you enough for that little call as it has made a huge difference.”

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Source: www.thesun.co.uk