Tradespeople earn varied wages across the world. But could you be making more if you worked in Japan or the USA?

Well, UK firm Electrical Direct decided to take a look and find out the average salaries of the different trades across the world. Focusing on five developed countries in their research, they found that for electricians, Japan was the place to be providing the highest salaries. And by quite a lot too!

In comparison, the average electrician’s wage here in the UK (£30,500) falls £19,492 short of the £49,992 average wage in Japan. In second place, was Australia in which the average national wage for electricians was £48,631. Germany was in third place with an average salary of £42,782. And America was in fourth place with an average of £41,481.

However, despite this being the national average here in the UK, new research has found that many electricians earn six times the national average wage. So, it can’t all be that bad! Take a look at the full report here.

For plumbers though, the research found that it is quite a different story. Instead, plumbers had the highest average salaries in the USA (£36,581). This was closely followed behind by Germany who pays an average salary of £31,002. Britain wasn’t the worst off though this time coming in at fourth place with a national average salary of £25,000 behind Japan in third place and ahead of Australia in fifth.

Despite Australia coming in last for plumbers, it is quite a different story for carpenters. Instead, this is the place to be with Australian carpenters earning on average of £48,631. This is ahead of the highest national average wage in Britain of £40,000 and was £22,272 above the lowest average salary in Germany.

But why is it that these wages vary so much for tradespeople? Well, one big difference found between these countries was that there were different expectations in terms of the job role. Which, in turn, could explain why the wages are higher.

So what do you think of this? Would you earn more if you worked in another country? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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