Biggest Brekkie

When I was asked to write the first ‘on the tools’ blog post I thought where do I start?
Then it came to me, where do I start every day BREAKFAST!
What better to discuss on a construction based website than the ‘builders’ breakfast , the full ‘English’, ‘Scottish’ ‘Welsh’ or even ‘Ulster Fry’. We’ve searched the UK to find the home of not just any brekkie but the most mammoth morning meal we could find, and the winner is…..

‘The Challenger’ brought to you by the Castle Cafe in Rochdale. Weighing in at around half a stone and containing a gut busting 9,000 calories! The meal is so big that anyone who can finish it all within one hour (and keep it down) doesn’t have to pay for it. Which is a good saving, as the beast of breakfasts also has a hefty price tag of £18.50! Mind you it does contain the following: 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, eight egg omelette with cheese, four pieces of spam, chips, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, six fried eggs, four hash browns, six black pudding, four slices of fried bread, four slices of buttered bread, four slices of toast and a cup of tea.

Biggest Brekkie

Customers are required to sign a disclaimer before their attempt which says that they can’t hold the cafe responsible for any possible side effects of their efforts to demolish the food mountain in front of them.

Only a handful of customers have managed to ‘get the job done’ and earn a full refund since it was launched two years ago.

I for one won’t be rushing to Rochdale to give it a go anytime soon, think of the indigestion! But let us know if you think you could beat ‘the challenger’ or better still if there’s a bigger breakfast out there, let us know!