In the industry, it’s just a given that sometimes, you’ll have to go in to fix someone else’s work. And, nine times out of ten, this is the DIY fails of the homeowners. Especially over bank holidays and in the run-up to Christmas, people are always looking to save themselves a bit of money. And, in the process, they end up making some mistakes.

Instead of saving money, what tends to happen is the complete opposite. Wasting money trying to do it themselves, customers then have to call in the professionals to fix what they’ve done. Now, while it can be annoying fixing someone else’s work, especially when it could have just been done properly in the first place, some of these fails are simply hilarious!

Therefore, we teamed up with plumbing merchants City Plumbing to put together some of the top DIY plumbing fails that customers have attempted (and failed at).

10. Custom showerhead.

9. Well, that’s one way to run pipework… 

8. Looks good from my house!

7. Not an eyesore at all…

6. Close, but not close enough!

5. Looks seamless…

4. Top pipework!

3. Maybe call in the professional next time…

2. Ouch! Time to call in a tradesperson?

1. Who do you even call for this one? A sparkie or a plumber?

You can’t beat a good DIY fail!

City Plumbing added: “DIY jobs are bound to happen and plumbers will regularly get called out for emergency cases where a ‘do it yourself’ job has gone wrong.”

“But, in a customers hour of need, the plumbers are often their heroes.”

“Without them, their own homes can soon become unbearable, especially in the winter months.”

“Therefore, we recommend to our customers to always be prepared for the job.”

“With our 370 branches nationwide, 4,000 products available in every branch, 5,800 in our Trade Price Guide and over 20,000 products online!”

“Basically, we’ve got you covered for all your plumbing, heating, spares, electrical and bathroom needs.”

“So pick up your copy of our Trade Price Guide in branch or from”

So what do you think? How many DIY jobs do you have to fix? Let us know in the comments below.

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