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Recently, a construction boss was captured getting the ultimate revenge on one of his lazy employees. When he caught one of his workers just “hanging around on the job”, he decided to seek his revenge and teach him to never be lazy on site again.

The footage immediately displays a site in which the construction boss is travelling through the house explaining what has happened. He shows the other workers grafting away and working hard. But then, the recording lifts up to the roof and a worker can be seen hanging from the ceiling.

Screwed to the ceiling, the construction boss asked why the worker was being lazy and just hanging around. To which, the worker responded laughing, “why? Because I didn’t think you were turning up!”

To that, the boss asked if he was having fun up there and the worker admitted: “not really.”

To which his boss claimed he was “living the dream.”

Praising his other workers, the boss revealed that this wasn’t the first time he’d got revenge on one of his employees. Instead, another worker Joshua revealed that he too had also faced a similar fate when he was found not working. Although, his fate wasn’t quite as bad as being screwed to the ceiling!

The clip ended with the construction boss stating: “we’re going to keep you up there until the end of play.”

Well, one thing’s for sure, this worker certainly won’t be just “hanging around” anytime soon!

Take a look at the hilarious clip here:

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