Experts have warned that currently, employers don’t have enough time to train the British workers needed to solve the industry’s skills crisis.

Therefore, experts have indicated that a three-year ‘brickie visa’ should be introduced to allow EU workers to continue to work for three years post-Brexit. This will then allow for businesses to better transition from relying on EU workers to fill the roles.

Initially, the visa would last for a year. This could then be extended for up to two to three years to encourage the training of UK workers to fill the roles. However, employers would need to demonstrate “genuine attempts” to recruit UK workers. Alongside this, they would also have to pay an additional charge that would rise year on year as well.

The vice chairman of Migration Watch UK stated that there was a “genuine need” for the visa. He continued: “training outside the workplace has fallen off a cliff since 2000.”

“Employers must now step up to the mark.”

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However, it has been argued that a three-year period would not be long enough to train UK workers to fill the gap. Instead, employers would struggle to find suitable applicants with the correct skills for the job. Therefore, it is “inevitable” that EU workers will be needed.

The managing director of construction recruiter One Way agreed, stating that it was a good idea, “in theory”. However, he argues that it will only provide a short-term solution to what is a “deeply rooted, long-term issue.”

So what do you think of this? Should a ‘brickie visa’ be introduced? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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