Apparently, more than half of Britain’s new build homebuyers face issues such as utility faults, construction problems and incomplete finishings!

So, why are Britain’s homes built so badly compared to other countries? Well, apparently our construction process here in the UK is quite different compared to countries such as Germany and New Zealand. In these countries, regulations and standards are much more rigid. Despite this though, poor housing seems to just be as common in New Zealand as it is over here!

But that’s not all. In Germany, there are no big housebuilding companies either, unlike the UK. Instead, regional and local developers complete all the work. Alongside this, fifteen to twenty percent of homes are also built prefabricated in factories. This helps reduce the likelihood of mistakes on site.

Training in Germany also takes a lot longer. Here in the UK, it takes less than two years to train as a tradesman and obtain NVQ qualifications. However, in Germany, it takes three years to gain a “master craftsman” status, a formal license to trade.

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In France, if an issue is discovered, the builder is also presumed responsible. The homeowner is not forced to provide any proof of the fault either and can claim against the developer for up to thirty years! Whereas in the UK, the builder is only responsible for correcting issues for two years following the purchase.

Here in the UK, some owners of new builds claim “I was stupid to buy another new build,” and that, “you have more protection buying a £20 kettle.”

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A spokesman for the Home Builders Federation claims though that, “when you are building tens of thousands of any product, let alone something as complex as a house, outside, in all weathers, there are inevitably going to be a small number of cases where there are issues.”

“The industry works hard to ensure it addresses such issues when they arise.”

According to experts though, Britain’s housing crisis and the dominance of large building firms are one of many reasons that UK homes are built to a poor standard.

So what do you think? Do you agree? Do you think Britain’s homes are badly built? Let us know in the comments below.


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