Staggering statistics have shown that apparently, 98% of new build homeowners have reported problems with their new homes. And recently, it has also been revealed that the building standard of some new build homes have been so poor, that it has resulted in the injury of not only the homeowners but their children too.

This was uncovered by the Daily Mail as part of an investigation into the state of new build homes. Previously, it has been reported that homes have been left with missing windows, gaps in the guttering and leaks. However, it has now been concluded that these cutting of corners are causing big safety concerns.

Children have suffered breathing problems, sustained electric shocks, and one child was even crushed by an improperly fitted radiator! Apparently, in a bid for new build construction firms to meet their targets, the quality of house builds is being compromised. One homeowner from Devon described that when they moved into their new Taylor Wimpey home, there were a few issues. These were only minor though such as problems with the garden drainage and downstairs flooring.

However, seven months later, something happened that they certainly weren’t expecting. As their young daughter was walking across the kitchen, the double radiator detached from the wall, falling onto the young girl.

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Kate, her mother, described: “When I rushed over and pulled off her sock, I expected just a graze, but it was a bloodbath.”

“I grabbed a tea towel to wrap around her foot and we went straight to A&E.”

In the end, the child had to have stitches and a cast on her leg. This was because the heavy radiator had caused her Achilles tendon to rupture. After reporting the incident to the building firm Taylor Wimpey, it was revealed that improper fixings were used to secure the radiators the home. Therefore, they were not securely fastened to the wall.

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Another family also revealed that they suffered electric shocks from a light switch in their new home. The cause of this was found when the plastic switch was tested with a volt meter which uncovered live current leaking!

Taylor Wimpey stated: “the vast majority of our customers tell us they are very satisfied with the quality of their home.”

“However, we recognise that we do sometimes get things wrong, and in those cases, we are committed to putting them right as quickly as possible.”

So what do you think of this? Is the quality of new homes slacking? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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