There is a well known rivalry within football between teams Liverpool and Manchester United. One that causes a lot of issues between fans. However, one builder who was working upon the construction of Anfield’s new stadium, approached the rivalry differently. Instead of harsh words, he left behind a big surprise for the Liverpool fans.

The Manchester United fan decided to make a joke of the rivalry instead. He decided to leave behind a United shirt in the roof of the new stand. This was alongside attaching two figurines of Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs to one of the steel supports. He even ensured this was done with special adhesive to make sure they had the best view of the game between the rivals last Monday!

The construction worker stated “it’s all just a bit of good natured banter. There’s a lot of nasty things that get said between the two sets of supporters, but I’m not about that.”

He added: “I was working with a load of Scousers and I thought this would be a good way to wind them up.” He continued stating that, “the lads I worked with were great.”

The 42 year old had been working on the stadium for around six months. He saved his antics till the end though. His reference to Manchester United though was to ensure he made his mark on the stadium and “remind them who was best.”

He also revealed his motivations for the prank, admitting, “I was born in 1974, the first year United were ever relegated, and where I went to school I was one of only two United fans. So this is a little bit of payback I suppose for getting the mick taken out of me when I was younger and United weren’t very good.”

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