One builder got the shock of a lifetime when he found a skeleton, buried underneath a customer’s driveway in South London.

The skeleton was almost complete and a child’s bone was also found alongside it. Builder Terry Jobson found the skeleton back in 2014. The discovery resulted in the driveway being turned into a crime scene and police speculated whether or not this was a murder inquiry.

To establish what era the bones were from, a sample was sent to a Florida based laboratory. It was there, that it was established the bones were not recent and dated from AD 670 to 775. This information therefore indicated that the bones belonged to someone who lived during the Anglo-Saxon period.

Researchers found that the skeleton of the adult would have died younger than the age of 36. The child bone however, was dated to have belonged to a child aged between 3 and a half and 11 years of age.

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The report could not however establish the sex of either sets of bones. This still remains a mystery. However, the bones are now proudly on display at the Museum of Croydon.

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