Apparently, builders should beware of a new piece of technology that could take their jobs. And no, it isn’t a bricklaying robot or an insulating device. Instead, it is a mobile app that allows homeowners to look inside their walls.

The WalbotDIY uses x-ray vision to show homeowners exactly what is contained within their walls, allowing them to do the work themselves. Whether this is pipes, wiring or stray nails, the app basically gives “customers professional-like capabilities without training.” This provides homeowners with a cheaper, but not necessarily as good a quality, alternative to hiring a tradesman.

To see what is in the wall, homeowners will need to attach the WalbotDIY pack to their phone, and then download the app. Then, by holding it up against the wall, they will be able to see what is inside of their wall for up to 10cm of depth. It can see through a variety of materials too including cement, wood and drywall.

The director of the product, Malcolm Berman stated: “everyone who’s ever done DIY knows that it’s a lot of sleuth work, but this means you can accurately locate studs and wiring patterns so you can do it yourself.”

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So now, homeowners have a cheaper alternative to a hefty bill to get the job done by a professional. But could this cause issues for you lot?

Take a look at the app in action and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Feature Image/Video Credit: Youtube/Walabot

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