Four builders have recently been rescued from a building after the roof collapsed.

Alongside the four builders, an additional six people were also evacuated from a nearby courtyard when the collapse took place. An ambulance was called and quickly arrived at the scene. The four builders were then taken to a nearby hospital for the treatment of their injuries.

Due to the possibility of the structure of the building being compromised, a further fifty people from nearby shops were also evacuated. After the fire services rescue and an inspection by the Health and Safety Executive, a drone was then put into action for aerial observation.

A nearby pedestrian describes the state she found when returning to work: “I left the building to get some food and when I came back the road was full of dusty fog.”

“It was all coming from a small hole beneath the door of the property.”

“I got back to work and we heard a noise, but we had no idea what had happened.”Construction accidents are on the rise within the industry though. One worker reported that they have had floors collapse from underneath them! One worker was unbelievably left to work on an unsafe floor by his company which resulted in him falling 2.4 metres and breaking bones. Read all about his story here.

However, despite this, according to recent reports, the number of health and safety officers is to be cut by 25%! This has also led to a warning being issued about the safety and security of our workers on site.

Feature Image Credit: Twitter/Lee Partridge

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