As a tradesperson, there’s a lot your spouse has to put up with. From the DIY presents to the muddy work clothes and pointing out which jobs you’ve worked on whenever you go anywhere. There are just certain things that pretty much every spouse of a tradesperson can relate to. Therefore, we decided to not just make one video about it… but two! Introducing, the Builder’s Spouse Sketch: Part Two!

First up is leaving stuff in the pockets of your work trousers. Having bits and bobs fall everywhere when you pick up clothes or knackering your washing machine when you don’t realise they’re in there. Nightmare! Seriously though, why is there always so much stuff in there?

Next up is coming in with muddy work clothes on. Sites are muddy, there’s nothing you can do about it. But, this builder’s spouse certainly isn’t letting her hubby sit on the sofa in that state!

But what about washing your tools? Just like clothes, tools are easy to get muddy on site. But, maybe the best place to clean them isn’t with the rest of the washing up…

Getting excited and talking about tools all the time is another one. Hey, a tradesman’s tools are his livelihood and they’re not cheap so of course, they’re going to be excited about adding a new addition to the toolbox. Plus, at least you’ll always know what to get them for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, some of the DIY gifts can, in fairness, sometimes be a bit hit and miss. The important thing though is that they’re personal and come from the heart. Maybe don’t go for a clarinet lamp though…

With pointing out their own work, critiquing other jobs and getting distracted by work that’s not perfect, there are quite a few things that builder’s spouses have to put up with but hey, it’s all worth it!

Check out the sketch for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece it looked like quite a few of our audience related to the video as it gained hundreds of thousands of views. But what do you think? Have we missed any out? Let us know!

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