As a tradesperson, there’s a lot your spouse has to put up with. From the mucky boots to the critiquing of others work, there are certain things that pretty much every spouse of a tradesperson has experienced. Therefore, we decided to make a video all about it! Introducing, the Builder’s Spouse Sketch…

First up is coming into the house with muddy boots on. To his wife’s unhappiness, the tradesman responded: “Can’t do, need a poo.” Well, when you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go. Not much you can do about that! Aside from taking your boots off first, I suppose…

Next up was about washing the work trousers. Like seriously, why is there so much stuff in there?

Following swiftly with one of the most annoying, criticising other people’s work when out and about. The video shows the pair making a serious decision as a couple. But, instead of concentrating on the situation at hand, the tradesman is commenting on the ceiling tiles in the restaurant. He described: “whoever cut these ceiling tiles needs shooting!”

“Shocking workmanship don’t you think, have a look babe!”

“It’s f*cking awful.”

Similarly, there’s also letting people know (unnecessarily at times) what jobs you’ve worked on. Sometimes the drive could be silent or filled with other conversation instead of a chorus of: “worked on that.”

And then, finally, there’s getting your tools out at home. And not to do work around the house either. Instead, it’s to clean and take care of them.

Hey, a tradesman’s tools are essential. They need the care and attention to make sure they stay at their peak condition. Maybe not at the dining room table though…

And there you have it, the Builders Spouse Sketch! Check it out for yourself here:

Created as an On The Tools original piece it looked like a lot of people related to the video. In fact, it gained a whopping 3 million views and a further twenty-four thousand comments. With over fifteen thousand shares too, people were loving it. But what do you think? Have we missed any out? Let us know!

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