Recent CCTV footage has shown a man from a suspected international card skimming group dressed disguised as a tradesman to target an ATM.

He is believed to have been a part of a card skimming group, originated in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. The thieves have been operating on travel visas internationally and have been estimated to have stolen around $400,000 in the last six months.

The footage taken from the Australia bank shows the man dressed in a wig, hard hat and hi visibility jacket. He is seen to make several withdrawals before also throwing several credit cards into a nearby bin. The police then arrive minutes later, requesting for the man to remove his disguise before arresting him.

The police have warned that this type of crime though has recently become more technologically advanced. It has become a lot harder for skimming devices to be spotted as they are now a lot easier to conceal. One victim of this incident though claimed she felt ‘violated’ following the thieves withdrawing $3,000 from her account.

Take a look at the CCTV footage here:

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