Apparently, a charity shop has recently sold an electrician’s tools, worth two hundred pounds, for just a single pound. The incident took place in a Cardiff charity shop where the electrician was completing some work.

Electrician Andrew Bickell left the shop to get a socket from his van. He placed his tools on top of a nearby book case. When he returned though, his tools were missing. They had been sold by one of the shop owners for just £1!

Mr Bickell describes the job: “it was a job as a favour.”

“They mentioned that they had a faulty light switch so I said I would come back and change the switch.”

Apparently, the electrician’s tools had been bought by a customer, who had already driven away. Andrew claimed: “I think he will have known how much they are worth.”

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“He had gone up to the counter and told the old lady that they were in a bargain bin and they were sold for £1.”

Within the selection of tools though was a variety of different equipment. This included screwdrivers (worth £50-£60), cutters and testers worth a further £200.

The shop offered to reimburse the electrician though. (A day in the life of an electrician, have we got it right? Take a look here) However, Andrew refused, settling that they would both pay half instead. He described: “I didn’t want them to be out of pocket.”

“I was fuming but I find it quite funny now.”

However, tradesmen are being warned to be on the look out as to who is selling tools recently after a bunch of stolen tools were found being sold on a Manchester market. Take a look at the full report here.

So what do you think of this? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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