A lot of people become sick of Christmas before it’s even begun. The songs start playing way too early in the shops, there’s suddenly rows of christmas decorations in every shop, lights suddenly spring up all down the street keeping you awake all night. And suddenly, someone wants to put all of this sort of stuff on site.

Decorations cluttering your work space. The health and safety officer banging on about how all decorations need to be HSE approved and that the tinsel must be flame retardant. Finding christmas notions everywhere that are apparently getting everyone in the ‘Christmassy spirit’. But does it really work?

If you love Christmas then the decorations on site would be perfect for you! However, if you’re not that person, then it can be one of the most annoying things in the world.

One quirky thing, that a lot of sites appear to be doing, is decorating their equipment.  Suddenly there is lights wrapped around every piece of large machinery. Or you’ve suddenly got reindeer antlers attached to everything, including your hard hat. There’s even antlers on the portaloo…

On site tree! 🎄

The tree though, now that can’t have traditional decorations. Instead, stuff from off the site needs to be used to decorate it. Well, at least that has some connection to the industry.

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But then, just when you think there can’t be anything else. When you think there’s nowhere else they could possibly put decorations. You pick up your dusk mask and there’s a santa beard attached to it. Just want you need.

Are you having to deal with Christmas decorations on site? Or, do you like the Christmassy spirit? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.performanceworkclothing.co.uk