“It’s not illegal to do basic electrical work yourself, but it should be.”

This is the belief of one electrician. He also feels that older customers are the best customers to work for because they understand that electrical work, is a skilled job. According to this anonymous tradesman though, young customers are also the worst as they tend to turn to Google as an answer. Do you agree?

Well, this electrician proved his belief about young customers. He revealed that one incident involved a young customer who cut the wires to his burglar alarm because it wouldn’t stop ringing. He simply leaned out of the window and snip. Cut the wires. The electrician marvelled at this. He described it’s a “miracle he isn’t dead!”

This isn’t the only situation that has stunned the electrician. One particular incident left him “furious.” He described that a family had purchased a second hand TV which they attempted to fix themselves. The electrical work was not up to scratch though and the TV soon caught fire. Unfortunately, this was left on standby in their children’s bedroom. It could have ultimately caused disastrous consequences for the family but luckily, the children were not home when the fire broke out and were instead safe at school.

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Another thing that annoys this particular electrician though is having to verify amateur’s work for the purpose of selling a house. He point blank refuses to do it. The tradesman describes: “I did a full apprenticeship and it took years for me to set up on my own.”

“If I thought too much about the life and death responsibility of my job, I wouldn’t sleep at night.”

“But I know the dangers.”

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“I’m always focused fully on what I’m doing, up to speed with regulations, and never use ‘reconditioned’ equipment.”

Despite emphasising safety within his work though, some of his customers still moan about his prices.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this electrician? Or do you have to deal with other things? Let us know in the comments below.

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