“But it’s top of the range!”

The words of a very well off woman who didn’t seem to understand that her toilet was connected to the same old piping as everyone else. Plumbers deal with a sh*t load of household issues though (excuse the pun), despite many of them being preventable.

The blockage of a toilet or the breaking of a boiler can ultimately ruin people’s lives. One anonymous plumber revealed that it drives them “mad that homeowners are so careless with their plumbing.” Nonetheless though, they stated that they do love being able to “leave them happy.”

One thing that gets on a plumbers moobs though is the fact that they have to squeeze into tight spaces. Sometimes they even get covered in sh*t!

Another is the ‘do it yourself jobs.’ Many a time a plumber is called in because the homeowner has done something themselves to try and save money. The anonymous plumber stated: “watching a Youtube video doesn’t teach you how to plumb a bathroom.”

According to this plumber, the worst thing though is out of hour calls. In their words they “dread them.” People are always so angry, despite the fact that you’re there to fix it.

The plumber also felt though that there is a great deal of patronisation regarding the job. Despite most customers being grateful that their boiler is fixed, there is also those who treat tradesmen as if they are “thick.” Plumbing is far from that though and is a skilled profession. The plumber reports that one customer even stated: “it must be strange for you, working in all these fancy kitchens.”


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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk