Bovis Homes, one of Britain’s biggest house builders, have recently received thousands of complaints about hundreds of their new homes. From leaking pipes to shoddy walls and poor wiring, these homes were left incomplete and now the homeowners are suffering.

In a hurry to hit sales targets, customers were offered £3,000 to move into these incomplete homes. However, the homes were to such a poor standard, that the company have now had to put £7 million aside to fix these problems.

The scandal has led to the company boss abruptly leaving the firm after working there for 8 years. Earl Sibley was left to stand in his place. He described: “I have been out and met a number of our less happy customers, sat on their sofas and apologised for what they have been through.”

“Customer service standards fell significantly during 2016 and homes were completed, in particular at the year end, which fell materially short of the high standard.”

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Last year, the company profits fell by 3% in response to the scandal. At £154.7 million, it was well below the £170 million target the company desired. Not only that, but shares for the company also fell which decreased the company value by £115 million.

In response to this case though, many homeowners are understandably very unhappy. So much so, they have even set up a group on Facebook called “Bovis Homes Victims Group.

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Within this group, the members are able to share their own experiences and tips to help others in a similar situation. However, they don’t plan to stop with the Facebook group though. Apparently, they are also planning to protest at an annual meeting the company will have in May to display their irritation and anger.

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