On the 18th October, the UK marked Anti-Slavery Day.

Alongside this, a survey was also conducted. From this, it was discovered that more than half of construction businesses wouldn’t know what action to take if modern slavery was encountered in their supply chain!

Within the survey, there was a sample of 14,000 construction industry members. 84% of these individuals agreed that the UK should take leadership on modern slavery and human trafficking. 51% also admitted though, that they had a lack of knowledge regarding the measures they would need to take if the issue was found in their organisation.

Supply Chain School conducted the survey. According to Dan Firth, a member of the company, immediate changes need to be made to rectify the issue. These changes will need to take place regarding the “recruitment process.” This is not all though. According to Firth, the staff also need to develop the capability of being able to “recognise modern slavery in workers brought onsite by subcontractors.”

“They will also need to embed modern slavery prevention in their procurement process.”

It is estimated that 12,000 companies will be caught by the Modern Slavery Act. This act was the first introduced post Brexit. This was because there was a danger that the UK may lose its influence on EU policies on slavery.

Helen Carter, the lead author of the Supply Chain School Guidance on modern slavery, has urged for the construction industry to help fight against the issue. She proposes they do this by being both “visible and vocal” about it.

So what do you think? Is modern slavery apparent in the work place? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.edie.net