The construction industry is well known for coming together in times of need and helping out those in need. And this situation is no different. Construction workers have once again pulled together to help a young boy suffering with an incurable brain tumour.

Lyle Cornet was diagnosed with this brain tumour in February last year. Unfortunately though, doctors have stated that it cannot be removed due to the pressing that is placed on the main optic nerve of his brain. At only one years old, he has barely even started his life and now, he is facing a terminal illness.

Initially, Lyle was given a round of chemotherapy to treat the tumour. Unfortunately though, this did not work. Now, he is on his second round of chemotherapy. However, due to Lyle’s young age, he is limited as to what chemotherapy treatment he can actually receive. Not only that, but Lyle has also had surgery that has connected his oesophagus to his stomach making him nil by mouth.

Due to Lyle’s condition though, he now needs around the clock care. Therefore, his mother has had to quit her job as a nurse to care for him 24/7. However, Lyle’s house also needs adapting to accommodate his illness. This is an expensive task and approximately £60,000 needs to be raised.

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This money can then help fund the build including a downstairs bedroom for Lyle with hoist tracks fitted and a wet room. An underfloor lift will possibly also be fitted to help Lyle get upstairs. In addition to this, a sensory room will also be built into the extension. This room is very important as at the moment, doctors are concerned for Lyle’s eyesight. However, he is currently responding to light so therefore a sensory area would be very useful for the young boy.

The extension would also provide the space for all of the additional care Lyle needs too. There is the possibility that he will need palliative and respite care nurses who will need to stop for lengths of time at the house. Therefore, this extension will be able to appropriately accommodate those needs.

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That’s not all, alongside the extension there will also need to be further adaptations made to the original parts of his home. Lyle will need special equipment to help him get around the house and consequently, standard door sizes will not be suitable. These will therefore need to be modified to ensure that Lyle can travel through his home with ease.

Darren Allan and his firm, D&D Construction have volunteered their time and skills to help build this extension for young Lyle. Steve Cunningham and his electrical company will also be working hand in hand with Darren too, completing all of the electrical work within the new extension. Alongside that, many other construction workers, have also come forward to help with the work. At the moment though, they are waiting on the approval of the extension plans.

However, they do need some help with raising the money to fund this project. They are 7% into their £60,000 target and need additional help to raise the rest. If you think you can help out, head over to the crowdfunding page now!

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