For Tania Connely and her family, their lives were changed forever on the 18th November 2016. This, unfortunately, was the day that Tania went into labour prematurely with her daughter.

Rushed to the hospital, the doctors had no choice but to perform an emergency C-section. This was not only to save the life of her unborn child but that of Tania as well. At twenty-one minutes past seven in the morning, Summer Connely was born ten weeks early. Weighing just three pounds and seven ounces, the young child was rushed to intensive care. There, nurses and doctors worked hard to help young Summer, and ensure that she survived.

And now, the Connely family and their friends want to give back. Already, they have cycled one hundred and sixty miles, raising over five thousand pounds for local charity ADAPT. This charity provides support for the families of premature and unwell babies and was key to the Connely family during Summer’s recovery.

And they don’t plan to end there either. A friend of the Connely family, construction worker Kyle Donnelly, and nineteen of his friends also plan to take part in the Wolf Run to help raise money for the charity. Running 10k and facing all kinds of obstacles throughout the course, this will not be easy for those taking part. Kyle describes his reasoning behind this. He explains: “one of our friends had a baby ten weeks early and without ADAPT to help them, I don’t know what they would have done.”

Dean and Jade Roberts who organised the run to raise money for the ADAPT charity.

“This is our way of saying thank you for helping our friends.”

The event will take place on Sunday the 4th of June and Kyle needs some help. He needs some more sponsors. So, if you think you can help Kyle and raise some money for this amazing charity head over to the fundraising page here.

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