Recently, a video has emerged on Youtube displaying several construction workers, catching a thief in the act.

The Youtube video captures a thief attempting to steal a saw worth $1,200. The incident took place in a University Park construction site in America. The surveillance footage shows the thief slow his car down near the site. Driving up to the entrance, he then reverses back and gets out of the car.

Then, the footage captures the thief run up to the site, snatch the tool and run back to his car. But this particular thief isn’t getting away with things that easy. Chasing after him are several construction workers, one of which, jumps onto the bonnet of the car.

Another then jumps into a truck, and the workers begin their pursuit of the thief. It is at this point, that the video dulls as none of the action is captured on camera. However, just seconds before the end, we then see the car speed back, with the worker still clinging on!

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In the end, the truck is shown to ram into the back of the car in order to stop the thief from driving off with the stolen tool, and the attached worker. Luckily though, the worker was not harmed when this happened, and University Park police have released that no one was injured or hurt.

The video has now been viewed over 1.3 million times on Youtube though with users commenting on the construction workers’ actions. One user described: “can’t have been worth risking his life on the hood of that car and destroying the construction workers car over a drill.”

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However, another user responded to this stating, “it’s not about the drill. It is the principle; it’s about sending a message.”

Another user also remarked: “construction workers code: you steal my tools and I catch you, I hope you have already called the cops.”

Take a look at the video in action here:

So what do you think? Have you done something similar? Or was this a step too far? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.dallasnews.com

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