In short, yes. According to a recent study anyway!

Apparently, it found that over 75% of builders have charged homeowners extra due to their posh name. And it’s not just a posh name that bumps the price up either. The study also found that 81.5% of tradespeople charged more once they realised their client lived in a fancy house too. And, a further 79% also raised their prices when working in upmarket areas as well.

The study, conducted by found that in fact, many builders issue a ‘posh name tax’ when their clients had a fancy name. 51.5% stated they’d done it many times and 24% added that they’d done this once or twice as well. But, some construction workers also increase prices depending on the area their client lives in. Nearly 8 in 10 of the surveyed tradespeople said that they have done this when quoting for work in what they perceived as an ‘upmarket part of their patch’. And, 52.5% admitted that they’d in fact done it many times!

Alongside this, 81.5% also admitted to inflating prices when they realised that the customer lived in a large fancy house as well. 25.5% admitted they’d upped the prices for these people once or twice while a further 56% stated they’d done it many times.

But what do those with posh names think?

Well, for the founder of, whose name is Tarquin Purdie, he has suspected that in the past, he’s been charged more for work. He described, “Being called Tarquin, I have definitely experienced the ‘posh name’ trades surcharge.”

“It’s not a big surprise to me, personally.”

“But our service now means that this can be a thing of the past, as the rates are there in black-and-white for you to compare before you get in touch with a tradesman.”

“Good news for Tarquin’s and Henrietta’s everywhere.”

So what do you think? Have you ever added a ‘posh name tax’? Let us know what you think of this in the comments below.


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