Apparently, 52% of construction workers don’t know the basic health and safety rules that are in place on site. And with health and safety inspections cut by 14%, this could be catastrophic for workers. Take a look at the full report here.

According to a nationwide poll by A-Safe, an international safety barrier manufacturer, and accompanied by a health and safety theory test, the results revealed that there was a “worrying” lack of health and safety knowledge among construction workers.

According to the results though, a surprising 43% of workers didn’t think that they had any health and safety rules in the first place! Another 72% of workers admitted though that they don’t fully adhere to the health and safety procedures anyway.

In regards to warning symbols though, there were three main ones that stumped the construction workers who were polled. 68% of workers thought that the symbol for flammable, actually meant that there was a naked flame.

A further 55% of workers also thought that signs regarding the necessity to wear a safety harness, actually meant that they should be cautious of any overhead workers. The ‘no authorised access’ symbol was also confused by 51% of workers. They thought it meant that they just couldn’t access without hand protection instead.

The construction industry wasn’t the worst sector though for their lack of knowledge about health and safety. Instead, they ranked sixth below industries such as retail, automotive and food and drink.

However, as one of the most dangerous industry’s, not knowing your health and safety could result in your life. According to recent news, two workers, unfortunately, lost their lives after a crane collapsed. Take a look at the full report here.

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