According to a recent study, male labourers working on construction sites have a suicide rate that is three times higher than that of the national average!

This is according to research published by the Public Health England. Alongside these statistics, they also concluded that, those in managerial and senior positions had the lowest risk of suicide.

Apparently, suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 50. Therefore, they looked at 18,998 separate deaths within their research. Four out of five of the deaths being analysed were men.

Specifically, the Office for National Statistics uncovered that within the construction industry, low skilled, male construction workers were the most at risk of suicide.

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It was not just reserved to this though. Broken down, high rates of suicide were also found within the finishing trades too, including plasterers and decorators. These trades alone had double the suicide rate compared to the national average!

Apparently though, this increased suicide rate is due to several different factors that are rife within the construction industry. The main ones being socio-economic characteristics, low job security and low pay.

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These figures have been published to hopefully help build a better appreciation of the factors that lead to suicide. The chief executive of the Public Health England stated: “people who die from suicide are usually not in contact with health services, and often push through in silence as their ability to cope deteriorates.”

“Early action can stop any employees reaching a desperate stage.”

“Simple actions can make a huge difference – talking with a manager or colleague can help people get the support they need, and ultimately save lives.”

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