Construction workers are some of the most hardworking people in the UK! Working in the brunt of all the elements, facing dangers on site and dealing with annoying customers, they go through a lot every day. Therefore, it was surprising to find out that in fact, construction workers are apparently inefficient!

It was found that in 1997, the average output (per worker) was £15, 211. Now, 20 years later, this number would be expected to be much higher with the introduction of new technology and further advancements within the sector. Unfortunately, this is not the case. By 2015, it was actually found that productivity had only risen by 3.3%. With the average output for workers being £15,431.

But why is that? Well, according to sources, there were three main ways in which productivity could be improved. First up was excess paperwork. By removing this obstacle for both workers and employers, it was suggested that more work could be spent on site, increasing productivity.

Alongside this, the training of staff was also suggested to improve productivity with new methods introduced in order to try and speed up work. It was also suggested that businesses could invest in new, more advanced technologies too, in order to help get the job done quicker.

However, these are not things that can be changed overnight. And, nine times out of ten, it is not something a worker has control over. So, we decided to team up with leading manufacturer Armorgard to take a look at how some workers can improve their own productivity, and, of course, earn a bit of extra money.

Armorgard described: “There are many factors that can impact a tradesperson’s ability to work.”

“However, one thing that is hitting the headlines recently is tool theft.”

“This not only impacts a worker financially, with the need to replace all of their tools, but also affects their ability to work. When a tradesperson has their tools stolen, their productivity is impacted and they cannot earn the money needed to replace their tools and get back on their feet. Therefore, we recommend investing in some strong, durable security for your tools.”

The Strongbank!

“When we began in the industry, we set out to design and build the ultimate secure storage box. The result was Strongbank.”

“Now, more than 25 years later, there is still nothing on the market that compares. Manufactured using 3 and 5mm steel, with vulnerable areas specially strengthened, this state-of-the-art strongbox delivers virtually indestructible performance to deter even the most determined thief.”

“Allowing you to sleep easy knowing your tools are safe and sound.”

Alongside this, Armorgard also suggested that productivity could be improved by keeping vans tidy. Research has recently found that workers lose half an hour a day searching for their tools in a messy van! Half an hour of time that could be spent working, and earning more money.

Therefore, Armorgard recommended that some of their tool storage range could help improve this. They described: “Messy vans are costing workers thousands each year, and it’s such a simple fix!”

“With our Tuffstor Cabinet, workers can keep their tools organised without compromising on safety.”

The Tuffstor Cabinet!

“The compact system maximises storage space and helps prevent that unnecessary scramble for tools.”

“With the ability to take it with you on site too, more time and effort can be spent on the job, instead of searching for tools.”

Take a look at Armorgard’s full range of products here.

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