Construction workers are found to be going under the needle in a bid to beat the wrinkles!

Part of being a construction worker is, of course, working on site. Come rain or shine, workers have to graft away in all sorts of weather. And from this, the different elements workers are exposed to can begin to take a toll. In fact, research has found that construction workers are ageing well before their time.

This is due to a variety of factors such as stress, weather and working long hours. The research found though, that workers were found to look six years older than they actually were! Take a look at the full report here.

But, with this to consider? Is it any surprise that tradesmen are now turning to Botox to do something about it?

The Daily Mail reported that aesthetics doctor Stephen Hennessy has found that more and more tradespeople are turning to Botox to smooth out the “weathered look” they get from working outside. In the past five years, he has found that the number of men on his books has jumped from 18 to 83. For him, they now make up 10% of his patients.

Dr Hennessy described: “I really didn’t expect builders, gardeners and bricklayers to start coming in, but when I thought about it, it kind of makes sense.”

“The outdoors does weather the skin, and you can really see the damage when you’re dealing with someone who works outdoors.”

One of his clients, who works as a roofer, described his experience with Botox to the paper. He explained: “I work outside a lot and because of all the wind and dust, squint and frown quite a bit.”

“I’d started to notice the lines were pretty deep, even when I wasn’t frowning.’

“I’ve used face creams in the past, because if I’ve been working outside all day, with the wind and the sun, my face is as dry as a piece of toast.”

“I was at the dentist one day, and Stephen, who does facial aesthetics along with dentistry, said he could do something about the lines.”

“So thought I’d try it, first of all, out of curiosity, but it’s really made a difference.”

“I’d say any men concerned about their looks – it works, and if you’re that bothered, and you’ve got a bit of disposable income, give it a go.”

“Loads of people keep it secret, because it’s vanity.”

“But getting a suntan, dyeing your hair, it’s all the same thing.”

“Everyone wants to look better, whether they’ll admit it or not.”

Dr Hennessy added: “Women have been having Botox for years, men are catching up.”

“It’s the same with the stigma surrounding it.”

“The stigma with women having Botox is fading, with more of them speaking about it, men may follow suit.”

“Bloke-tox is still relatively new, but come back in ten years, I think the stigma will be a lot less.”

So what do you think of this? Have you ever considered it? Let us know in the comments below.


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