Apparently, jailed cowboy builder Scott Devlin is pursuing a new career from behind bars, taking part in a plastering course that is on offer. According to sources close to the cowboy builder, Mr Devlin is being paid £7 a week whilst learning the plastering skill.

Scott Devlin was jailed last month at Birmingham Crown Court. Charged with four counts of fraud and one count of theft, the father of four from Tamworth was found to have conned customers out of more than £43,000!

Apparently, a former associate of the cowboy builder claimed that this plastering course was “a joke.”

She added: “It’s just not fair.”

“To be honest, I think it’s farcical.”

“That £7 should go straight to his victims.”

“Apparently, he’s doing fine inside.”

“He’s met a number of fellow Aston Villa supporters and they’re getting on like a house on fire.”

Mr Devlin left his customers in such states though that one couple were left without a roof on their home after forking out their life savings to the cowboy builder. Instead of sticking around to finish the job though, he abandoned the site in May 2015 leaving things in complete chaos.

One of Mr Devlin’s conned customers doesn’t think this plastering course is a bad thing though. Laura Burford was left stranded after Mr Devling abandoned her kitchen extension. With a new born baby girl, the victim was having to cook on a camping stove.

She stated: “It is difficult because he has personally hurt me, but I don’t think the plastering course is a bad thing.”

“I believe in rehabilitation and he has to do something.”

“Having his freedom taken away from him is punishment enough.”

“I hope he uses the time to reflect on what he’s done.”

She continued: “I don’t bear him any ill-will.”

“I know he’s a bad ‘un, but he’s not as bad as a lot of people behind bars.”

So what do you think of this? Is learning a plastering course in prison a good idea for a cowboy builder? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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