Apparently, fifty-six per cent of tradesmen find that the most common question they get asked by customers is about cost. Whether this is in regards to why work costs a certain amount or trying to get the cost down, this was found to be the most common thing a tradesman was asked by its customers. And one of the most annoying too. Take a look at the common mistakes customers make here.

These results were established after a survey was completed by three hundred and twenty tradesmen. The recipients were of a variety of different trades including builders, engineers, landscapers, plumbers and electricians. The results found that after costs, availability was the next most important factor for customers. Specifically, 21% of tradesmen believed that their customers were most concerned about their availability rather than how much the work costs.

According to other studies though, punctuality is the most important factor when hiring a tradesman. Take a look at the full report here.

One other common question tradesmen revealed that they were asked was about the range of services they could provide. Alongside this, the availability of references, the use of apprentices, the sourcing of materials and whether or not they were a family firm were also other common questions they were asked.

The research was conducted by HaMuch, a comparison service. The founder and managing director of the company stated: “it is clear that cost is a priority for customers when they’re looking to hire a tradesperson, given the resounding feedback from those in the industry.”

“Availability also factors into the equation, but the general consensus is that pricing is the most common question asked, and can make all the difference to customers when choosing a tradesperson.”

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