A father of two from Rochdale, Manchester, has recently had a lucky escape after his DIY efforts went disastrously wrong.

The builder by trade was creating a DIY fire in his back garden when the incident occurred. Burning wood, the father decided to pour paint fillers onto the wood to get the fire started. However, it soon became out of control, shooting flames at around fourteen feet into the air.

This resulted in the builder turning himself into a human fireball as the blaze became out of control.

He described that it was the, “the most stupid thing I’ve ever done.”

He added: “It just went off like a bomb.”

“The tin exploded and hit the garage and the flames just went right up my legs and back.”

“If I hadn’t had so many layers on it would have been so much worse.”

Luckily though, the builder was able to escape without serious injuries. Instead, he sustained minor burns to his legs.

Following the incident, the father of two is now warning others of the dangers of DIY. He described: “I didn’t realise the thinners would be so flammable.”

“It was so volatile, I couldn’t believe it.”

“My nine-year-old son has seen the footage and he just said ‘Dad, you’re an idiot’.”

“It’s like a health and safety video showing the wrong way to start a fire.”

“I was so lucky.”

“This should be a warning to everyone.”

Check out the CCTV footage captured of this DIY disaster here.

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Source: www.itv.com

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