According to UCATT, apprenticeships are on the downfall. During the 2014/15 periods, a massive 167,000 young people began training courses in construction. However, in this same year, only 18,000 of those actually secured apprenticeships in the industry.

Apparently, on average, 15,000 young people begin training within the construction industry each year. However, only 12% successfully gain an apprenticeship after. Not only that but even when apprenticeships were gained, the drop out rate is at an alarming 50%!

One thing that needs to be tackled within the industry though is the banter/bullying debate. One apprentice, unfortunately, killed himself after suffering consistent bullying from his colleagues which was dressed up as ‘banter’. Take a look at the full report here.

Therefore, this banter/bullying debate could contribute to the alarmingly high drop out rate found with apprentices. Take a look at what other people think about this here.

Not only that, but these figures are particularly worrying due to the qualifications required to work in the industry as well. Apparently, the only recognised qualification within construction is the NVQ. In particular, the NVQ can only be obtained if there is regular onsite training. Without this, a worker cannot get the necessary CSCS card, impacting their access to sites and prospects. Therefore, those who take classroom based courses instead, are apparently ending up with their qualifications holding absolutely no value within the industry.

The acting general secretary for UCATT stated: “I’m horrified by these figures.”

“What a waste of talent and Government money, to take these young people through a course and then have them ignored by the construction industry.”

“We have a well-documented skills shortage in the construction industry and we have major constructors failing to take on apprentices.”

“And yet hundreds of thousands of young people who want to work in the industry, who have taken the first step into the industry by taking a course – are just left on the scrap heap.”

“This is a calamity for the British construction industry.”

“Hundreds of thousands of talented, enthusiastic young people are having their career hopes dashed by a complacent and self-serving industry.”

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