Over the past two years, a painter and decorator has been slammed with a total of 53 parking tickets. This is apparently due to “snobby developer rules.” The tickets amount to £5,300, something that decorator Dave Tooke cannot afford to pay.

Apparently, for the first two years of living in his new build home, he had no problems. However, now he has been told that commercial vehicles, are no longer allowed to be parked on the estate. Not even in his own allocated parking bay.

In response to this, Dave purchased a new, unbranded van which set him back around £11,000. Despite this though, he continues to be hit with parking tickets. He describes: “it feels like I’m being bullied because I’m a tradesman and don’t fit in with the people round here.”

“They are making sure they don’t get tradesmen, we’re the ones who build their houses but we can’t live here and mingle with everyone else.”

“We’ve tried to liaise and reason with them but they won’t reason with us.”

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This is not only having an impact on the family financially though. Dave is now suffering with health problems too. Apparently, he has had to go to the hospital for an ECG on his heart. He puts this down to the stress caused by the incident. He describes: “each morning I get up before work, go to my van and find a ticket I become overwhelmed with anxiety.”

“These snobby estate developers are picking on me and discriminating me, what kind of place is this if you can’t keep your vehicle on your spot?”

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Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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