The Decorator’s Forum is a Facebook based group. It is made up of 5,000 members, sole traders and decorators. Within this group, a decision was made that they would do some charity work. This was after one of the decorators, who was a member of the page, contacted Mike, one of the admin.

He asked for Mike’s help describing how his local hospice, was in need of some help. Woodlands Hospice was run down and in serious need of a paint job. The quotes they received though were for thousands of pounds and this was a price that they simply could not afford.

Therefore, Mike agreed to help and released a video to he group asking the members for their support. From this, forty volunteers came forward and offered to help, free of charge. Not only that, but materials have also been donated by suppliers to help with the work.

Supplies donated by the generous My Paintbrush!

For example, three hundred litres of paint has been donated by Crown to help with the paint job that will take place at Woodland’s Hospice. Also, for those travelling from afar, the Holiday Inn have even donated ten twin rooms to house them for the night!

This charitable event will take place on the fourth and fifth of February. During this time, many key areas in the hospice will be painted, including the patient areas. They have also set up a Just Giving page to help raise money for the hospice. Due to the generosity of others, they have already raised over £1,200 and are very close to their £1,500 target.

The Decorator’s Forum don’t plan to stop there though! They also hope to continue with these charitable acts and plan future jobs every four to six months, up and down the country.

But for now, they need some help with their current project. So, head over to their Just Giving page here to donate. Or, for regular updates on their work head over to their Facebook page here.

So what do you think of the Decorator’s Forum’s work? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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