44,690 New construction workers needed every year for the next 4 years!


The latest report by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) reported strong demand for more construction workers in the infrastructure, housing and leisure sectors as employers may be forced to increase wages.

On The Tools have a break down of the areas in the country where these construction jobs are needed as well as the trades that will be in demand!

The list of sites includes a nuclear power plant for EDF energy in the Southwest, a tidal lagoon power plant in Wales, the £75m re-development of Liverpool Football Club, a Biomedical campus in Cambridge and the Queensferry Crossing in Scotland amongst others!

And this is how some of the demand for jobs is expected to be split across the different trades (identified as key areas) each year:


  • Wood trades and interior fit out– 4,260
  • Painters and Decorators – 3,520
  • Bricklayers – 3,070
  • Building envelope specialists – 2,140
  • Senior executives, business process managers – 2,120


The image below shows a more detailed breakdown of the required jobs by region:




(Source:Constructionskills www.cnplus.co.uk)


And the forecast for jobs and growth keeps getting stronger in all regions:




CITB director of policy and strategic planning Steve Radley said “Although it feels as though some of the more immediate pressures might be in the form of traditional skills, we’ve got more modern methods of construction kicking in and actually faster growth in the professional and managerial areas than the traditional skills”

Is Mr Radley correct in saying that modern construction methods will mean that professional and managerial skills will grow faster than traditional skills?


We would like to hear your view so please leave a comment below, how do you feel about the growth in jobs for trades people?