Are you the type of person who regularly drops their phone resulting in it smashing to pieces or drowning down the toilet? Do you ever wish that you could keep your personal and work data separate?

Well, if you’re either of those people, Dewalt have got you covered. With their new MD501 tough phone, you will be able to use your phone on site without worry. They have fitted the phone to withstand drops from two metres. Even onto solid concrete! It is also resistant to chemical spills, dust particles and the vibrations from machinery. Not only that, but it is also water proof for up to thirty minutes. Even if it is immersed in 2 meters of water!

Now, this is all well and good but when you’ve got no signal then your phone can be pretty pointless. However, Dewalt have thought of this too and have introduced a dual sim capability. This extra sim can act as a connectivity booster, useful for remote site locations.

It also allows your work and personal lives to be separated. You can have one contract for work related business and another for personal things. So, when you need to contact a customer or supplier you can easily switch over to a separate, professional sim. (Reducing the risk of accidentally sending a client something you meant for your missus!)

But none of this will matter though if you’re phone is dead. Well, Dewalt have ensured that this phone has a superior battery life. It has 450 hours worth of maximum standby and can run for a day and a half from one full charge. Even if you do run low on site though you can charge it on the QI charging pad. Simple.

All of these features mentioned have been highlighted and demonstrated in our 60 second reviews. Take a look below.

Part One:

Part Two:

But that is not all. Soon, we will be bringing out a third part to our Dewalt phone reviews. (There’s just too many good things to fit into one review!) So stay tuned to find out about some more incredible features such as the lone worker protection and fall detection capabilities!