Another bank holiday is here, and we all know what that means… bank holiday bodge jobs!

Now, while they’re funny to laugh at (and we’ve snuck a few of the best in this article for you), the British public really have an issue when it comes to DIY. In fact, new research has found that as many as 12 million different households will take their hand to a bit of DIY over this bank holiday weekend.

But, unfortunately for homeowners, and good news for you lot, the majority of these households will later have to call in the professionals to fix their bodged work.

It’s not all laughs and jokes though. Some of this dodgy work by homeowners have actually caused some really serious issues. In fact, each year there is 12,500 house fires in the UK which are down to dodgy electrical work. Alongside this, there has also been around 750 serious injuries and 10 deaths as a result of DIY work too.

Darren Staniforth, a Technical Development Manager, at NICEIC described: “As the nation’s love affair with home improvement shows no sign of abating, spurred on by an abundance of interior design magazines, home improvement programmes and DIY forums on facebook, the bank holiday DIY trend has grown rapidly.”

“While it’s all well and good adding a new lick of paint it’s important that over-zealous homeowners don’t get too carried away.”

“And, for example, have a go at seemingly ‘simple’ electrical work themselves at the same time.”

“Unfortunately, this is something that we have started to see a lot of in recent years, with the bank holidays being a prime time for electrical mishaps to happen.”

“The consequences of which, not just in terms of cost are vast.”

“It’s important that homeowners remember that there is a reason why certain home improvement jobs should only be done by the professionals.”

“And electrical work is most definitely one of them.”

So, homeowners, don’t risk it – call in the professionals!

So what do you lot think of this? Do you have to deal with a lot of bodge jobs? Let us know in the comments below.


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