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DIY Electrician gets Zapped by 13,000 Volts…

This is the moment a DIY electrician is zapped by more than 13,000 volts of electricity – and survives.

Rioler Martinez was trying to do a repair on the power supply leading to his home using a long stick to touch the electricity cables.

As he was fumbling around he touched the cables and the electricity coursed through him, with footage of the moment showing a bright flash as he is zapped.

Doctors treating him said they were amazed he survived because usually anything over 11,000 volts is fatal.

DIY electrocuted in chair

His incredible brush with death was filmed in Barranquilla, northern Colombia by Cesar Sarmiento, who said:

“The voltage was strong.”I stopped and started crying when I saw it.”

The man hung seemingly lifeless on the pole for more than an hour until firemen got to the scene and brought him down. He was immediately taken to hospital.

Doctor Karen Blanco, one of those treating him, said: “When he got here, he was in a very serious condition.”

The man’s survival was unexplainable, according to medical staff.

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