Recently, a Scottish electrician got the shock of a lifetime when he opened up a lighting panel and was faced with a giant spider staring back at him.

The electrician described that this was not your average household spider either. As someone who doesn’t usually mind spiders, this one shocked the worker. He described: “it actually made a scuttling across the bottom of the panel.”

“Trust me that thing will have long died of natural causes before that door is getting opened again.”

This electrician isn’t the only to have found strange animals on a job though. Another worker found a hoard of snakes in his garden when removing concrete slabs and bricks. The snakes came slithering out but nonetheless, the worker was unfazed. To read more and see the snakes in action take a look here.

One group of Turkish construction workers also found something a slightly bigger animal compared to that of a spider or a snake. They actually found a bear when working on site! It was whilst working on a cesspit that they began to hear roaring from inside. Want to read the full story? Take a look here.

So what do you think of this? Have you found anything like this on site? Let us know in the comments below.


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