According to a recent survey of over two hundred trainee roofers, 43% revealed that the fear of injury, or even death, is their biggest concern.

Specifically, of the 212 that were surveyed, it was found that sixty-three of the trainee roofers were most concerned about falling from a height. Alongside this, twelve revealed that their biggest concern was health and safety, eleven felt that it was injuries and five even said that they feared death.

And, according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, these young roofers are right to be concerned. When looking back to the forty-five construction workers killed within the 2015/2016 period, it was found that four of these individuals were involved in roofing accidents.

Alongside this, it has also been found that forty-five percent of on-site fatal injuries are due to working at heights. Take a look at the full report here.

However, surprisingly, there was one thing that roofers were more worried about than heights: the weather! Specifically, 65 of the students surveyed revealed that they were most worried about the weather. Alongside this, an additional 34 were worried about winter.

In addition to these fears, it was also found that more needs to be done to reach potential roofers whilst they are in school and college. This was established after statistics revealed that the most common reason for students to be interested in joining the roofing trade was due to having family and/or friends already in the trade. This was followed by 14% simply wanting to work outside and 12% interested in the money associated with being a roofer.

When looking back to their school and college years though, only 2% stated that they were attracted to a career in roofing.

Technical Training Manager Mat Woodyat for Redland, the company who completed the study, revealed: “On one hand, I am pleased that these students are aware of the potential risks of roofing work because safety must be everybody’s responsibility.”

“But these results are also a stark reminder that the industry needs to do more to ensure that we are working safely.”

“How can we attract more young people to our industry if they are facing these fears?”

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