Recently, British engineers have developed a new flat pack home that can be unfolded in just ten short minutes. Not only that, but it can then be packed away again just as quickly with all its furnishings inside. After that, it can then be popped on a lorry and transported.

The creators of the Ten Fold TF-64 aim to revolutionise the property market here in the UK with this design. To do this, they aim to mass produce these flat pack homes. And they don’t plan to stop there either. Ideally, Ten Fold hope to develop a house that can be packed and then unpacked again using only a hand crank.

Scottish Construction Now reported that the inventor, David Martyn, said: “its built-in folding partitions and storage space allow it to be used as a home, classrooms, business spaces, pop-up shops, hospital operating theatres and emergency shelters for refugees.”

“Furnishing such as sofas, beds, chairs, and tables can be tucked away in storage spaces and the whole unit is folded away and relocated in a truck without any specialist tools.”

The flat pack home took seven years to develop by Mr Martyn and his team of four engineers. It also cost £4 million to complete the design and have them patented.

He described: “it is households and instant extra bedrooms, it’s mobile operating theatres – none of which have been possible until now.”

“The idea is that this technology could easily make a £100,000 home affordable.”

“It could make the option for someone to own a building who doesn’t own the land.”

“It will allow the young to get a building without owning the land, it changes the dynamics of the market which does need to change because it is a transportable property asset.”

“There’s never been one before and this is a real solid building that doesn’t have to stay in the same place.”

The Ten Fold can also be energy efficient as well and can be fitted with solar panels. Attachable units can then be connected to the national grid.

“It’s totally like any normal house, the only issue is that these units can be devised so they can be plugged into traditional infrastructure.”

“This is about speed, size and ease and there’s nothing else that does it.”

Take a look at the Ten Fold TF-64 for yourself here:

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Source: www.scottishconstructionnow.com
Feature Image/Video Credit: Youtube, TEN FOLD Engineering

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