Who would’ve thought you could make money just by eating. Everyone’s dream right?

Well, Dan How (The Bigger Body Coach), know’s just how to do that. He is a fitness industry innovator and veteran personal trainer. He’s even Mister Great Britain 2011!

Unfortunately, eating hasn’t become a respected profession though. Yet. However, what you eat can be a second hand influence on the money you earn. At the end of the day, food is energy. And if you have more energy, you can get more work done. The more work you do, the more you get paid.

Taking that into consideration, surely we should be eating the right things to ensure that we have the right amount of money to have a great weekend? If only McDonald’s didn’t taste so good…

Dan is not just a personal trainer though, he is also a scaffolder, gardner and painter. Therefore, he knows what it’s like to work on a construction site and how hard it can be sometimes to keep up energy levels. He describes, “I’m no handy man but I can shift a lot of weight and that itself comes in handy on a site.”

“I’m not in to fitness cos I’m lazy and prefer to lay on a bench lifting weights BUT I can keep going non stop all day.”

Why is this? He reveals that he has so much energy due to the food he eats!

He tends to see the same common things on the construction site though: Lucozade drinks, chocolate bars, coke and The Sun newspaper.

It’s understandable that we eat all of these sugary things though right? Sugar is what provides us with energy. However, in reality, these sugary snacks and drinks aren’t doing us any favours. And they certainly aren’t allowing us to earn more money.

Instead, these sugary treats release a quick burst of energy into our systems. Then, a while later, we ultimately crash. The only thing that can lift us back up again after that, is some more sugar. That, then ultimately leads to our energy levels crashing again and a vicious cycle forms.

There is another group of foods you can eat though to increase your energy levels. Fat. And no, we don’t mean the type of fat that hangs around your boss’ waist either. You’ll still be ripped for the lads holiday next year don’t you worry.

So what do you eat? You haven’t got a lot of options at the local cafe have you? Well, Dan recommends for you to stay away from “bread, toast, chips, hash browns and beans.”

On the site though, Dan recommends that you should snack on things like nuts. You can have as many as you like and all different types. He personally likes to take a jar of peanut butter on site and eat it with a spoon on his breaks throughout the day alongside a pack of Baby Bell’s.

You could also take things such as tuna, chicken or other healthy fish and meats. You may get a bit of stick from the lads on site though but you’ll be the one laughing when your abs are pulling all the girls.

As for drinks though you haven’t really got a lot of options. Most standard drinks contain a ridiculously high amount of sugar which will just make you crash again. Dan recommends to “stick with a big bottle of water and as much tea as you like (just go easy on the sugar).”

So there you go, the key components on how to increase your energy along with your wage. Don’t fear though, this doesn’t mean you have to cut out your favourite sugary foods completely out of your diet. Just eat them when you get home. Your energy levels will still crash but hey, you’ll be going to sleep anyway.

What have you got to lose? Give it a go and let us know how you get on. You could even end up looking as good as Dan! Take a look at Dan’s Facebook too for more inspiration: facebook.com/bigdanhow.