Warning! This may change your life.

Attention to all painters and decorator’s, Armstead have developed the product that will change the painting game forever. Introducing the Armstead One Touch.

With this nifty device, you can get the job done in no time. But how does it work? Well first up, you’ll simply need to attach the One Touch to any Armstead paint product.

Then, sit back and watch the magic happen!

With the One Touch, you can get to painting your walls, ceilings, skirting boards, doors and bannisters with the touch of a button. It applies straight onto wood and dries super quick. Job done!

Take a look at the One Touch in action for yourself:

This video was created for Armstead Trade as an April Fools campaign. The completely made up product (sorry to disappoint), went down a treat with our audience. In fact, it gained over 1.9 million views and the comments were full of people only wishing the product was real. Although, we did have a few wondering where they could buy it from though!

With over twenty thousand shares too, it looked like a lot of people wanted to spread the April Fools mischief!

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